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Russian spaniel puppy isolated on white
Model Cat

Here at Rock River Vet we offer boarding for Canine's and Feline's. During your pet's stay, we are proud to offer these amenities:


*Canine boarding consists of 14 very large and clean indoor kennels. Located in a separate part of the clinic.

* All of our kennels have heated floors for those cold winter nights, and AC for those hot summer days.

*Runs accommodate one or two dogs

*Feline boarding is located in the hospital area of the clinic, we have 6+ enclosures for felines.

*Bringing your own food is highly recommended. Changing your pet's diet drastically can cause Gastrointestinal upset. However, we do offer a maintenance diet.

*Dogs are let outside many times a day depending on the weather, in a large fenced yard.

*If needed, veterinary services are provided during the boarding period.


**Please note in order to board, there are required vaccinations, fecal sample and a Heartworm/Lyme Test that must be done prior to boarding.



***Please contact us for more information or too reserve a run!

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